CL2 device a hands-free lighting device for camping, safety and safety

The CL2 Device - A Deeper Dive

The AKRYPT CL2 Device: A Beacon of Reliability for Tactical Professionals

In the challenging realms of law enforcement, emergency medical services, firefighting, and military operations, dependable, high-performance equipment is not just a necessity—it's a lifeline. Recognizing the critical needs of these tactical professionals, AKRYPT is proud to introduce the AKRYPT CL2 Device, a revolutionary advancement in tactical lighting technology by AKRYPT. This innovative tool is meticulously crafted by AKRYPT to meet the rigorous demands of high-stakes environments where the work of police, paramedics, firefighters, and military personnel is pivotal.

Unveiling the AKRYPT CL2 Device: A Tactical Game-Changer

The AKRYPT CL2 Device stands out as a compact, ultra-portable lighting solution by AKRYPT, offering hands-free operation for the utmost convenience and efficiency. Its sleek, lightweight design belies its robust capabilities, providing powerful illumination that's essential in critical scenarios. The device's new and improved alligator clip ensures secure attachment to various gear, including outer carriers, uniforms, and other preferred platforms, facilitating immediate and reliable light without compromising mobility.

Versatility in Action: The AKRYPT CL2 in Various Scenarios

- Facilitating clear, accurate note-taking in low-light conditions
- Enhancing visibility and safety during night-time traffic control operations
- Streamlining crowd management efforts during emergency situations
- Providing vital signaling capabilities for search and rescue missions
- Offering dependable general illumination in challenging, dark environments

Tailored Color Options for Diverse Needs by AKRYPT

- Red/Blue 🔴🔵
- Red/White 🔴⚪
- Blue/White 🔵⚪
- Blue/Blue 🔵🔵
- Amber/Amber 🟠🟠
- Amber/Green 🟠🟢
- MIL Variant 🟢 

In the wake of our product launch, AKRYPT has received inquiries from various sectors concerning the availability of additional color options. At present, our selection is as described, but AKRYPT is actively expanding our offerings. Our team at AKRYPT is committed to broadening our palette and enhancing our accessory line to cater to the diverse needs of our global clientele in the upcoming period.

AKRYPT highly values customer feedback and is open to suggestions regarding our color range. Should you have specific preferences or ideas, we warmly invite you to share them with us at Our goal at AKRYPT is to continuously improve and tailor our products to meet and exceed your expectations.

Key Operational Features Designed for Tactical Excellence by AKRYPT

- Initial solid red light for immediate visibility
- A choice between strobing or a solid lighting mode for various operational needs (selections can be made via our product page)
- Two white light LED modes, offering adjustable intensity
- Simplified operation with a single button controlling four lighting modes
- Quick and easy power shut-off function for stealth or safety
- Compact dimensions (2.5cm x 7cm) for unobtrusive portability
- Lumens ranging from 20 to 50 across different modes for tailored brightness
- IPX5 water rating, ensuring resilience in adverse conditions
- Feather-light weight at just 27 grams, minimizing gear load
- USB-C rechargeable battery, with charging indicator lights and cable included

AKRYPT's Pledge: Serving Those Who Serve

At AKRYPT, our commitment extends beyond product development to providing a comprehensive service experience. We're dedicated to empowering agencies, departments, and tactical teams worldwide with advanced technological solutions by AKRYPT. Our focus is steadfast on enhancing the capabilities and safety of those in demanding fields like law enforcement, medical response, firefighting, and military operations.

Exclusive Offers for Bulk Purchases by AKRYPT

Understanding the collective needs of tactical teams, AKRYPT offers bespoke discounts, tailored support, and continued assistance for bulk orders. We encourage teams already utilizing our products to explore the potential of expanding their equipment capabilities. Our bulk order program is specifically designed for entities in law enforcement, medical response, fire and rescue, search and rescue, and emergency response by AKRYPT.

Connect with Us for Your Tactical Needs

To place a bulk order or inquire about our products, please reach out to us at or via our online contact form. Our dedicated team at AKRYPT is eager to provide the support and solutions your team needs.

Final thoughts: Empowering the Frontline with AKRYPT

As an Australian veteran-owned business, AKRYPT is committed to supporting those who tirelessly work to protect and serve our communities. Discover the transformative impact of the AKRYPT CL2 Device, exclusively available online at AKRYPT. Join us in our mission to equip frontline heroes with the tools essential for their success and safety.

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