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CL2 Device - Safety and Tactical Lighting

CL2 Device - Safety and Tactical Lighting

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⚠️ Please note - do not purchase unless you are employed within law enforcement or emergency services. We will contact you to confirm your employment. There will be no exceptions. ⚠️

⚠️ Please note - do not purchase unless you are employed within law enforcement or emergency services. We will contact you to confirm your employment. There will be no exceptions. ⚠️

Elite Performance for Heroes:
The CL2 Device is crafted for those on the front lines – including police, EMTs, firefighters, and military personnel. Compact yet sturdy, it delivers versatile lighting solutions hands-free, thanks to its reliable clip. More than a mere light source, it's your edge in demanding situations.

Adapt and Overcome with Ease:
The CL2 Device adjusts to every scenario with four lighting modes per device:

  • Solid Red: for low visibility operations.
  • Strobe Mode: Perfect for signaling and emergencies.
  • Bright White for clear, powerful illumination.
  • Soft White for long-lasting, gentle light.

Master the Darkness:
Setting a new benchmark in tactical lighting, the CL2 Device enhances your operational effectiveness, safety, and capability. It's an indispensable ally in law enforcement and emergency response, giving you the advantage in low-light conditions.

Demand the best for your mission. Opt for the CL2 Device—where cutting-edge innovation meets tactical prowess.



    • 2.5cm x 7cm


    • Mode 1: 20 lumens
    • Mode 2: 45 lumens
    • Mode 3: 50 lumens
    • Mode 4: 40 lumens

    Water Rating:

    • This device is water rated up to IPX5


    • 27 grams (0.05lbs)


    • Charging: Solid red light
    • Charging complete: Solid green light

    *USB-C rechargeable and cable included*

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    • AKRYPT CL2 safety and tactical lighting chest light

      Instant Shut-Off

      To turn it off immediately, simply hold down the power button.

    • AKRYPT CL2 safety and tactical lighting chest light


      Six hours of continuous operation. This will vary depending on mode activated.

    • AKRYPT CL2 safety and tactical lighting chest light


      The CL2 is rechargeable via USB-C and comes with a cable for your convenience.

    • AKRYPT CL2 safety and tactical lighting chest light


      The CL2 device is water-rated up to IPX5 making it ideal for both land and moist environments.

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    Deployment Options?

    Traffic Control

    Tested in low-light traffic, the CL2 device's strobing function surpasses safety vests in visibility, better managing oncoming traffic and reducing accident risks.


    In scenarios requiring signaling to colleagues, the CL2 device guarantees crucial visibility for rescue, backup, and overall safety.

    Crowd Control

    In managing crowds under low-light and noisy conditions, our device shines, capturing attention and bolstering authority with its bright illumination.


    The CL2 device excels in low-light, providing efficient, hands-free light for tasks such as note-taking and navigation, surpassing traditional lighting solutions.


    The CL2 device enhances low-light searches with hands-free use, boosting safety, efficiency, and accuracy in professional settings.

    Life-Saving Medical

    The CL2 device provides healthcare professionals with vital lighting and hands-free functionality for peak performance in critical, low-light conditions.

    Tactical light for map reading for army, navy and airforce

    Instant Illumination at your Fingertips.

    The CL2 tactical and safety lighting device provides users with hands-free lighting. Conduct navigation, note-taking and admin with ease in low-lit environments.

    Police searching a car with a flashlight the leo cl2 tactical and safety device.

    Searches With Ease.

    First responders, emergency services and military operators work in unique environment regardless of season, whether or terrain, conduct your searches easily with the CL2 tactical and safety lighting device.

    AKRYPT CL2 safety and tactical lighting chest light for law enforcement, paramedics and firefighters

    Compact and Powerful.

    The size of this device is designed to be small to reduce real estate on your outer carrier and weights only 27grams. First responders, emergency services and military operators carry enough equipment and we aim to streamline gear.

    • CL2 device is from AKRYPT and provides instant hands-free illumination that rivals other tactical torches
    • CL2 device is a tactical light for swat and law enforcement officers worldwide
    • AKRYPT CL2 device tactical chest light provides capability to law enforcement and military
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    What color options are available on the CL2 Device?

    Color Options:

    • Red/Blue 🔴🔵
    • Red/White 🔴⚪
    • Blue/White 🔵⚪
    • Blue/Blue 🔵🔵
    • Amber/Green 🟠🟢
    • Amber/Amber 🟠🟠
    • MIL Variant (Solid Green - No Strobe) 🟢

    Lighting Modes:

    1. Solid Red Light: Continuous visibility/signaling.
    2. Strobing Mode: Attention-grabbing strobe or solid green, enhancing safety.
    3. Solid White LED (High Powered): Bright illumination for high visibility needs.
    4. Solid White LED (Low Powered): Softer light for less intense needs.

    These features allow customization for various lighting requirements, catering to both professional and personal use. For more details or help selecting the best option for your needs, contact us.

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